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renting faqs

Read below about what to know, how our rental process works and other frequently asked questions!


Am I under any obligation to rent the camper if I fill out an application?

No, you are not under any obligation nor are you required to make any payments in order to fill out a rental application.  However, we want you to be aware that we make no guarantees that by filling out a rental application you will end up with a camper rental.

The campers become reserved only after we receive an initialed contract and deposit money. Also,  It is our policy to pursue all potential renters until open dates are booked, which means more than one person could be applying for the same dates on a particular camper. So if you truly want to rent a camper, we suggest that you promptly follow through with your part in the booking process as outlined in the following question.

What is your booking process? 

Your part in the booking process entails these actions:

  1. Fill out a rental application.

  2. Await approval from the owner                    

  3. Carefully read and agree to a Rental Agreement (provided to you after approval) and put down the required deposit.


Our part in the booking process correlates with your actions:

  1. Submitting your rental application to the owner

  2. Letting you know if you are approved; and if you are, extending an opportunity for you to book by providing you with a contract and requesting your deposit

  3. Blocking off your dates once we receive the initialed contract and deposit and letting you know that you are booked OR letting you know if the camper becomes unavailable before we receive the initialed contract and deposit.

Why are your prices so reasonable?

We can rent for less as all of our campers are privately owned. There is no large overhead for storage or staffing costs for you to pay for.   You pay a very reasonable rate for a quality RV/camper. Please note - Memorial Day to Labor Day a 3 night minimum is required.

What supplies are in the camper?

The supplies in our campers are a huge bonus for our renters. The campers are fully stocked for all your camping needs. This means less packing and stress for you. There are kitchen supplies, grilling supplies, towels and bedding are NOT provided, etc. If there is something need that you don't see please ask we more than likely will be able to rent it to you. You will be provided a detailed supplies list upon booking. 

Do you keep a waiting list? My dates appear to be booked.

We do! Life happens and we do get cancellations. We go directly to our waiting list to fill them.


What are the fees for set up and take down?

Just ask, we will provide you with a detailed estimate. To give you an idea of costs, we charge mileage for staff drive time, set-up and take-down time, and tank cleaning.

Where are the campers located?

All of our campers right now are located in Webster, SD

What if my camping location does not have electricity?

To use many of the amenities in the campers you will either need electricity or a generator. Please ask us if you are interested in renting a generator. Check out our Extra Rentals page for the generator(s).

I have never camped before, how will I know what to do?
We provide a thorough orientation on the operation systems of the camper. There are detailed instructions located in our campers for your reference. If you are nervous about towing a camper we can set up, deliver, and pick it up for you. 


How does pick up and drop off work?

We will finalize your pick-up time approximately one week before your departure date.  This is your dedicated time for paperwork completion and orientation.  Along with the orientation, we also do a check out sheet that lists the camper’s condition. You will be given a signed copy of the checkout sheet upon departure.  We will use the same check out sheet when you arrive back from your trip to note the camper’s condition.  You are responsible for all new damage that occurs to the camper while you are in possession of it, regardless of fault or not.  The checkout sheet is used to track the overall condition of the camper, both out bound and inbound and will be used as the basis for determining the status of your security deposit refund. 


Are pets allowed in your campers?

We are sorry, we cannot accommodate pets in all of our campers. Many of our customers, including our own children have extreme allergies to pets.  


Do I have to clean the tanks on the camper?

Yes, Black/Gray holding tanks must be empty, cleaned, and rinsed out before unit is returned. We will show you how to do this. NO EXCEPTIONS, unless preapproved by us in your rental terms or if you have paid for set-up, delivery, take down and pickup.


Do I need to clean the camper out after using it?

Yes. This is how we keep our prices low for our customers. There will be a checklist provided to you on what cleaning tasks need to be completed. If you want us to clean the camper, please let us know this prior to booking and we will provide a quote. 


How does insurance work?

Please click here to fill out our insurance form


What happens if I don’t have a break control system in my tow vehicle?

Brake Controls are required by South Dakota state law for all campers/rvs that weigh more than 3000lbs.  Please make sure brake control and trailer light wiring is in working order BEFORE you arrive to pick up the camper. The break control will be located in your vehicle.  If not, we will NOT be able to rent to you and your deposit will be forfeited. If you are concerned about this, we do offer set up and delivery.


Can I rent a hitch from you?

Yes, we offer hitches with sway bars for a $75 rental fee, set-up included. Depending upon your towing vehicle they may be mandatory. 


I have no idea where to camp? Any suggestions?

Yes! Click here for camping ideas!

Do you deliver?

If you do not have a vehicle able to tow the camper, delivery is available please call for a quote!

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